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kind on hands, kinder on the environment

kind on hands, kinder on the environment

our liquid hand soaps are expertly crafted to leave your hands feeling refreshed and smelling great. Our refillable glass bottles aren’t just aesthetically pleasing, they’re also environmentally friendly, a key consideration in everything we do.

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Customer Reviews

Lovely things our customer have said about our products.

90 x 115px
Absolutely loved these! The packaging is lovely, they smell amazing and leave your skin feeling great after using them! Highly recommend.
Lauren Anderton
90 x 115px

The Soother

I could smell this in the box, really lovely. Lathers up a lot too.
Lizzie Osbourne
90 x 115px

The Exfoliator

The mud like texture felt awesome when rubbed into skin. left me feeling like id had a good scrub! lasted about a month of daily use.
90 x 115px
I got sent this box as a gift, and it was a massive delight. Favourite bath bomb was the romancer, made the whole bathroom into my own little paradise. Ill be ordering the romancer again.
90 x 115px

The Gentleman

I used the gentleman after a week of running everyday! My legs were killing me, but half hour in the bath with this bath bomb felt great. Smell wasn't too strong either, which was good for me. Thanks!

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