There has been a lot of advice floating around about beating the January blues, and so we wanted to add to it with our own, more mindful, approach. Many publications have suggested booking a holiday, which is fine if you have the money to do so, but getting yourself into the habit of booking a holiday every time you feel low is probably not the best – and more cost-effective – way to go about it.

Here, we’ve collated a slow-living approach to beat the blues. If you haven’t come across slow living before, our co-founder, Caroline has written about it here.

Get Out As Much As Possible

When it’s cold, it’s very easy to cocoon yourself away. The temptation to have a nice warm stew and then binge on Netflix all night is overwhelming. There’s nothing wrong with that unless you’re finding yourself turning down opportunities to see people.

Say yes to a nighttime session with your personal trainer. Or, say yes to an evening meal out with a friend. Just because it’s dark outside doesn’t mean your world has to stop. Be mindful of opportunities you can take and be gentle with yourself if you feel they’re a step too far. You know you best.


Unless you’re in a routine, don’t push yourself to wake up early in January. You’re recovering from Christmas and you have to go easy on yourself. This is the best time to use the Bedtime feature on Apple phones. Get yourself into a routine but don’t pressure yourself to wake up super early as part of that routine.

Farmers used to wake up with the sun. I know it’s not practical to wake up at 8.30am on a weekday, but just be mindful of how you’re feeling each day and don’t push yourself.

Light Therapy

We’re big fans of light therapy. You can buy great lights from Amazon. Take time to sit in front of the light and take in the rays. It counteracts the impact of Seasonal Affective Disorder. You can read in front of it – which is an added benefit because it means you have more time to read each day.

Stop Beating Yourself Up

This is our top tip and something you should consider whenever you’re feeling low. When you’re in a rut, nothing good will come from beating yourself up. The slow living mentality includes activities like yoga and mindful thinking and creating a hostile environment for yourself something fit into that frame of mind.

What are your top tips to get yourself through the January blues?