Admittedly, we’ve been quite lucky with our winter so far. But, if last winter was anything to go by, the worst of the cold weather is still to come. So, we thought it’d be handy for you to know the best essential oils for you to stock up on this winter.


Everybody who follows us on social media will know how much we love eucalyptus oil. It doesn’t just smell lovely, it’s also a great all-rounder. Eucalyptus is nature’s cold fighter. It’s renowned for battling cold and flu symptoms with ease. That’s why we think it’s great to hang some eucalyptus in the shower during the winter.

Eucalyptus oil works in the same way that products with tea-tree in them work. It’s a powerful expectorant (which means it helps break down mucus – gross) and clears the air passages.


Spruce smells so nice and around Christmas is the perfect time to get it in abundance. It has quite an earthy scent – think Christmas trees. We like to have some spruce candles or soap around the house to make every room feel Christmassy and relaxed.

Because of its calming smell, it can help with anxiety and stress. Interestingly, it’s said to deal with anger-induced stress quite effectively because the smell can instantly calm. We all need a bit of that around Christmas!


We’ve just been speaking about how great lavender is around winter over on our Instagram page. It soothes skin irritations which makes it particularly good for cold or cracked hands in the winter. Using a lavender-based soap as part of your everyday routine will heal your hands a lot quicker.

If you haven’t got dry skin at the moment but you do tend to suffer from it in the winter, we’d recommend picking up some lavender products as soon as possible. They can help protect the skin as well as cure it.


Our Tea Tree & Lime Bath Salts have been a best-seller this winter for a reason. Lime is antiviral, which means it’ll help your body fight off colds and flu symptoms. It’s a great booster for your immune system.

Also — lime is really great for blending into a household cleaner and it’s good at removing sticky things. It might be all you need at Christmas time when everything you buy has a label stuck on it!


Frankincense is the best for coughs. It’s a natural remedy for the lungs. Similar to eucalyptus it eliminates phlegm on the lungs and helps to calm your nasal passages so you can breathe easy. That’s why it’s often put in sleep products because that’s when people with colds or the flu struggle to sleep the most.

If you have allergies or asthma, we’d recommend looking for a pillow spray with frankincense in it, to help you breathe better throughout the night.


Peppermint is a lifesaver at Christmas, particularly as we’re all partial to overindulgence. Whenever you feel full up over Christmas, just have a peppermint tea and you’ll feel a lot better afterwards!


And last, but by no means least, ginger. If Christmas had a smell, for us, it’d be ginger. And, as luck would have it it’s great for you in the winter months. It helps to soothe aches and pains, so if you get painful joints because of the cold weather – this one is for you.

We also like it because it helps cure the effects of sickness – so, stock up on your ginger essential oils if you’re planning to have a few hungover mornings this Christmas time!