When we get overwhelmed, there’s a tendency to reach for our phones or the TV remote and seek an outside connection to help us forget our feelings. Although many people think this isn’t a healthy way to behave, we don’t think there are any right or wrong answers for how to deal with your own emotions.

This can become a habit, though. By doing this you can block our your true feelings. Sometimes it can stop you from ever sitting through and experiencing the discomfort you’re feeling. This can stop you from moving on from it.

Today, we’d like to suggest a new ritual. Let’s make a self-care box that we can reach for whenever we feel the need to spend a bit of time exploring our feelings or taking some time out.

Our suggestions cover all types of mental and physical wellbeing, so feel free to select one item or a couple of items from each category to fill your box.

Your Box

A shoebox works well. You might choose to decorate it, or you might prefer to leave it plain; whatever works for you.

Healing Yourself Inwardly

Emotional turmoil usually requires a period of deep thought or conversation to rid you of your anxious feelings. Here are some suggestions of what you can put in your box to help with this type of healing:

  • A notepad. As a writer, writing continuous prose really helps me. Begin with your problem at the forefront of your mind and just keep writing and writing. Let your mind take itself where it wants to and see if a conclusion pops into your mind. Put your favourite pen in there, too.
  • A journal. If continuous prose doesn’t appeal to you – it doesn’t appeal to a lot of people – then think about investing in a journal that offers helpful prompts and questions within it. These types of journals can lead you to the answer by asking leading questions.
  • A mindfulness colouring book. There’s a reason that thousands of people choose to colour in as their form of healing. It lets your brain wander in a really unconscious way and helps you to recentre. If you are using a colouring book, remember to add the pencils.
Healing Yourself Outwardly

Self-care is as much about outwardly looking after yourself as it is about looking after your emotions. Exercise and healthy eating are just two of the ways to improve your physical wellbeing. Here are some items you can add to your box to help:

  • A bath bomb. Of course, we’re huge advocates of the importance as bath times for self-care. A bath bomb or a really nice bubble bath that you only use for special occasions could be added to your box.
  • A face mask. There’s something cathartic about lathering on a face mask and laying down or reading whilst it’s on. It’s a small and reasonably priced act of self-care that can help you to focus on something else. Often, it also leads to a full cleansing routine, too.
Healing Loneliness

When you’re feeling lonely, it’s so easy to sit on your phone and look for outside connections. Sometimes it works a treat. But, if you’re friends are busy it can sometimes lead to you questioning how much they care about you etc. which is just a negative spiral of your current mood. By packing some loneliness-busting items, you can come out the other side by yourself.

  • The best tool for this is some nice letter paper. Write letters to people. It doesn’t even matter whether you send them or not. You could write an honest letter to the person causing you issues, or an unrequited love or a family member. It doesn’t matter who the letter is to, just put pen to paper and you can always decide whether to send it at a later date.
Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing divides opinions. If it works for you, though, it’s important to follow that journey and not be put off by the thoughts of others. Here are some items you can put in your box if spiritual healing helps you:

  • Meditative music. You may just have this on your phone, or perhaps you’ll have an old-school CD. Select a meditation that creates a sense of calm.
  • Crystals. Do some research and select crystals that are right for you. If you’re anxious, try Blue Lace Agate. It’s meant to heal stress and anxiety and is a great addition to your box.
  • Candles. Putting on candles and doing a face mask or writing in a journal is such a calming experience. Having a candle on will create such a delightful experience on its own, but adding some other parts of your box to it will work even better.
Sensory Healing

As a writer, this is one of my favourite types of healing. We all work in different ways but for me, to be able to touch, read or experience something first-hand is a great feeling.

  • Your favourite book or a book you’re looking forward to reading. Neither of these really need much explaining. Just spend some time reading and you’ll be surprised how quick your mind can heal itself.
  • Music. Music is one of my favourite healers. It can offer you support for such a vast range of emotions.
  • Poetry. Similarly to music, poetry and quotes can really hone in on a situation so much more succinctly than you thought possible.