The aim of Maya Rey has always been to create a whole new bath/shower experience. As we’ve said before, having a bath or shower every day in non-negotiable; however busy you are, it’s something that has to be done. So, whether it’s a two-minute shower or an hour-long soak in the bath, let’s make it as brilliant as it possibly can be.

Hanging Eucalyptus in the shower quickly transforms your bathroom into a wellness spa. The minty, fresh smell of the plant only heightens when exposed to hot water.

The steam from your shower will engulf the plant and it’s at that point that the essential oils will be released.

Interestingly, we recommend Eucalyptus to boost energy and help you fall to sleep. These two points seem quite contradictory, so let me explain;


Typically Eucalyptus is a mood booster; it’s perfect for a morning pick-me-up. There are hundreds of research studies to prove that because it has the ability to favourably support immune responses (that’s why it’s great for colds & the flu). As a result of this support, it can have a real impact on your body’s energy levels.


You might have noticed that we suggested Eucalyptus as one of our top five essential oils for sleep. Let me explain; Eucalyptus is known to fight mental fatigue. This mental fatigue can have a real impact on sleep. If your mind is whirring because you’re exhausted or stressed, it doesn’t matter how tired you are, you might not be able to sleep.

Eucalyptus provides mental clarity. So, although you’re getting a mood boost, you’re also leaving the bathroom with a clear mind.

Displaying Your Eucalyptus

There are so many ways to display the Eucalyptus; you can pop a bunch of it in a vase and leave in on the side in the bathroom. It’s a very aesthetically pleasing plant, so at the very least it makes your bathroom look more visually beautiful.

You can hang it on the wall and make art out of it. Or – and this is probably my personal favourite – you can hang a bunch of Eucalyptus upside-down from your shower head. That way, you really get the full benefit of the essential oils as they bounce off the steam.