Today is World Environment Day and it seems like to perfect opportunity to write something in the Maya Rey journal.

This is a day when the world comes together to raise awareness of key environmental issues. As this is a cause we are passionate about (I don’t really know how you couldn’t be), we thought we’d share a couple of things you can do to help this year.

What is World Environment Day?

Each year a different country ‘hosts’ the day. This year it’s China and the theme is Beat Air Pollution. If you’re talking about the day or sharing what you’re doing on social media, use the hashtags #WorldEnvironmentDay and #BeatAirPollution to share your message.

Here are some of our suggestions on how you can do your bit.

Whenever the opportunity to not drive presents itself, take it

Cycle, walk, use public transport, try to create some sort of car-sharing set-up on your road or in your neighbourhood.

Where we live, so many people drive to the shops because they can’t be bothered to walk. I appreciate it’s not always possible for everyone to cycle or walk, but if you can, you should.

And while we’re on that, use hybrid or electric vehicles wherever possible.

Oh, and switch off your car engines when you’re sitting outside somebody’s house etc. It’s common sense, but these are habits we get into subconsciously.

Reduce meat and dairy consumption

The production of meat and dairy is responsible for a lot of methane emissions. Cutting down, however minimally, on meat and dairy can really help.

If everyone gives meat-free Mondays a go, for example, that’s a huge amount of emissions we’d be cutting back on. Veganism isn’t for everybody, but there are a lot of really tasty vegan food options out there.

Here’s our favourite to get you started.

Compost your food

We’ve just started doing this. We’ve got a long way to go, but I think small steps are really important. We use a lot of compost in our garden, so it makes sense to create our own.

A lot of councils are subsidising compost bins at the moment. We got ours for £8, so it’s worth clicking here to see if you’re eligible for a discount.

Reusable shopping bags

Nobody wants to carry all of their shopping in their arms during an unscheduled visit to the shops.

In order to cut down on the need for a bag, carry one in your car (or attach one to your bike) and one in your bag. That way, if you get caught out the chances are you’ll have one.

Support green businesses and shop local

I’m not saying support our green business, but you should try to support local businesses as much as possible.

Through personal experience, I know the extra time and energy that goes into making sure your practices are good for the environment, and I truly believe people putting in that effort should be noticed.