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about Maya Rey. 

Maya Rey [may-er ray] was founded by husband (James) & wife (Caroline) team from Chelmsford, Essex. Our goal with Maya Rey is to create products that encourage people to take baths and use their bath times as a time for self-care and not something to be rushed.

As somebody who has always suffered from anxiety, bath time has been Caroline’s favourite time of day since she was a child. Switching off for the day – usually accompanied by a good book – is something more of us should make time for.

Each of our products have a specific purpose in mind, from The Purifier – a soap for eczema and acne, to The Gentleman – a bath bomb designed just for men to help relax and relieve tired muscles.

Our customers are at the heart of what we do and we pride ourselves on our relationships with each and every one of you. Whether you want our advice on which product to purchase or you’re unhappy with something, please click here to choose your most convenient method of contacting us.

James & Caroline


We are committed to being an environmentally friendly company. For the majority of our products, we have no-plastic packaging.

customer service

We believe that excellent customer service should be at the heart of all business decisions. It’s certainly at the heart of ours.


Reclaiming your bath time for mindfulness & self-care is so important. After all, however busy you are, everyone has to clean themselves!

giving back

We started this business to give back to charities. We will continue to run initiatives & create products specifically for charity proceeds.

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